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by Christopher M Drew

Novella-in-Flash: Welcome

Stephanie Carty, Author of 'The Peculiarities of Yearning

Essence unpeels a set of characters through quiet, precise details to reveal what lies beneath. It’s a rich exploration of cause, effect and connection that is unflinching and beautiful at the same time.

Novella-in-Flash: Text

Michelle Elvy, author of 'the other side of better'

Essence stands out for its structure and control. I admire the way it plays with the meaning, through its subsections, of the phases in the characters’ lives, and the way it shifts reader focus and expectations. This novella demands patience, in all the right ways.

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Peter Jordan, author of 'Calls to Distant Places'

Chris Drew’s beautifully distilled prose leaves no room for distraction or false impression. He writes simply, with clarity, and truly to the heart of each piece. Each flash is a cross section of the human condition, a tap on the heart. All told with a simplicity that reads easy but lingers.

Novella-in-Flash: Text

Johanna Robinson, author of 'Homing'

In Essence, Drew makes the most of the possibilities offered by the novella-in-flash form: one story, a shared history, that fans out to reveal the individual struggles and triumphs of six siblings. A tale of breaking and recovering, soaring and falling, Essence contains a perfect balance of complexity and simplicity. Each reader will take something different from this ultimately uplifting book.

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