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"This story grabbed me from the opening sentence, which doesn’t begin with the beginning but rather with the second thing. The story is ostensibly about the alligator in the pool but it’s bracketed at the opening and the close with powerful images of the wife: her handprint, her whole body erupting. Slightly absurd, and very strange, it is a small fiction that portrays sadness and emptiness in a delightfully clever way."

Michelle Elvy (Alligator)

"This is a visceral story, told with punchy, muscled writing. There's an underlying delicacy to the relationship between father and son, and a poignant sense of growth."

C.G. Menon (Remnants)

"The spectacular use of second person point of view in the piece allows the reader to identify with the speaker. The use of alliteration and assonance, the momentary suspension in action, broken up with the use of fragments of action: Hush. Hush. So effective to mirror the action of the “perfect fall.” And that ending: the effective use of white space gives the reader complete freedom to use one’s own imagination."

Robert Vaughan (The Perfect Fall)

"...the fifth in TSS's series was followed by Christopher M. Drew's very powerful 'Remnants', which reminded me of Cormac McCarthy, in a good way."

Nicholas Royle, Best British Short Stories 2019.

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